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Family with kids in face mask in shoppin
Ana Sayfaya gidiniz


  1. Parents are not asked to enter the school or building to prevent our children from being crowded at school arrival and departure times.

  2. Parents are asked to wait in the schoolyard or outside, observing social distance.

  3. When parents cannot meet with the teacher or principal, an appointment request will be made.

  4. When our children come to school, they are asked to throw their existing masks into the medical waste bin at the entrance. The medical waste trash bin, which is implemented in our institution for the first time and not in any other school, will be delivered to municipal officials at the end of the day for a fee. Their hands and the bottom of their shoes will be disinfected and they will be taken inside.

  5. Our children will be trained to wash their hands at the entrance and washed every day, and a pair of shoes determined by you, our parents, to be used every day will be changed at the school entrance, minimizing the risk of contamination during the pandemic.

  6.  The temperature of our children and their parents who come to our school will be measured and their entrance will be made.

  7.  In our school, our classrooms, entrance lobby, kitchen and toilets will be disinfected every day with a disinfectant steam machine.

  8.  Our teachers, administrative staff and other employees at our school will work with masks in accordance with the standards determined by TSE. Masks will be changed every 3 hours.

  9. Our staff at our school will be tested for Covid-19 every two weeks.

  10. Our services will be disinfected every day and students will be accepted according to the density determined by our Ministry of Health. Our parents are asked to bring our children to school yourself.

  11. In our school, there will be disinfectant and 70% alcohol cologne in every classroom. It will be implemented under the control of our teachers in a way that our children will not be harmed.

  12. Our toilets will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

  13. Desks, tables, chairs, door handles, cabinet handles and fountain faucets that are used with frequent contact will be cleaned intensively at the end of the break.

  14. Staff and students with even the slightest signs of illness (symptoms such as fever, cough, cold, shortness of breath) will not be allowed into the school.

  15. Working personnel will be ensured to pay attention to hand hygiene.

  16. Classroom equipment and tools will be cleaned regularly and disinfected with 70% alcohol.

  17. Our classrooms will be ventilated frequently.

  18. Plates, spoons and forks used during meal times will be for single use. When necessary, the forks, knives and plates that our children will use will be disinfected in the kitchen disinfection machine in our school.

  19. Meal times will be held in classrooms as much as possible, when it is not possible, a small number of students will use the classrooms, and when a group leaves, the other group will be taken in after adequate ventilation.

  20. During garden use times, students will go out class by class.

  21. Frequently touched areas during garden time will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each group use.

  22. New registration and registration renewal meetings will be held by appointment.

  23. There will be fewer students than the capacity of our classes.

  24. Our children are asked to wear masks whenever possible when they are in our school. For this reason, in order to make wearing masks for our children fun, there will be a workshop hour where each student will make their own mask.

  25. Our puppies are asked to have as little contact with working personnel as possible. For this reason, they will be provided only with their own teachers.

  26. There will be no toys in our school, our puppies will play with the toy they bring from home every day. He will not be allowed to share his toys with other friends. At the end of the day, we will take the toys home and you, our valued parents, are requested to carry out the necessary disinfection and cleaning.

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