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Sıkça Sorulan Sorular: Metin

 Who is Doğa Akademi?

It is an educational institution that directs education and educates the individuals that the world of the future will need with the philosophy of "new generation education" by contributing to development and development.

 What kind of services does Doğa Online provide?

The activities carried out at the school are conveyed to the children online by the teachers, and thanks to this application, where students can log in from the E-doğa system and easily view all educational content, the education at school continues at home without any interruption through a remote digital system. 

 What is the difference of Doğa online program?

Her konuda yenilikçi olması , sınırsız olarak gün boyu kullanılabiliyor öğretmenler tarafından yapılan ödevler raporlanabiliyor, öğrencinin geliştirmesi gereken tüm alanlara özel bireysel ödevler gönderilebiliyor.

Who prepares the Doğa online curriculum?

In addition to the school principal, classroom teachers, English teachers and branch teachers, as well as the entire staff in our school, the head office also serves in the background with a staff who actively uses the parent systems.

Is there an installation guide showing the installation steps?

The school administration shares videos and pdf files with you on how to log in to the program and provides support with one-on-one meetings if you need it again.

Where should I enter the password I received from the special SMS I received?

Personal passwords are shared with you via SMS by the head office, and you can log in by typing them in the password section via e-doğa. 

Where will I attend the online course?

 You can check the live lesson hours created for you by clicking on the live lesson section on the E-doğa page, view all live lessons defined for the student, and participate in the lesson by clicking Join for the lesson that is due.

How many students will there be in the online class my child will study?

In order to be more efficient in terms of online class capacity, the lessons are arranged in one or two parts by the teacher. It can be done in groups of 8 people or 14 people depending on the lesson.

Are the materials required for the courses stated in advance?

Yes, the materials to be used in the lesson are determined by the school principal and classroom teachers according to the subject of the live lesson to be held the day before, and information is sent to you via E-nature or message.

Do I need to stand next to my child during class time?

No, you don't need to stop, the lessons are taught by teachers just like in a school environment. In the younger age group, accompanying the student for the first 5-10 minutes can make the student feel comfortable for the first lessons, and then the teacher manages the process efficiently.

If we miss a lesson, is there a make-up?

Lesson make-ups cannot be made, all live lessons are recorded in the system one week in advance. The student is expected to attend the lesson with his/her friends at the specified date and time one day in advance. After the lesson, an individual meeting is held with the student who did not attend.

At what stage is my child's English learning at the end of the program?

Students' active participation in English at the level we expect at school and the development momentum of their comprehension and speaking skills is increasing. It aims to reinforce the desire to love and speak English for the kindergarten age group and to be able to use the language of daily life. 

I joined the program for the second month, will I miss the first month?

Whether the student has been to school before or has never met the school may affect the situation, but with the educational activities you carry out individually at home, the areas that the student needs to improve can be researched by the teacher, school principal, school psychologist and preparation for the lesson can be provided.

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